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ITEG IT-Engineers GmbH offers custom software solutions, specialized hosting, and IT-consulting by experts in the field.

We focus on providing specialized software solutions for technical problems, especially for infrastructure providers. Amongst others, operators of hydro-electric power plants use our applications to create reports from complex data-sets.

Our strategy is based heavily on Open Source. Both in the software we use and the software we write, we are committed to the Open Source philosophy. Where possible, we develop our software from Open Source modules, which we publish on the clazzes.org platform. We believe that this approach makes our software more stable and long-lived, as we cooperate on modules with partners and customers alike. The multitude of users and uses for our modules makes them better tested, and thus resilient to bugs.

When it comes to hosting, we provide high availability for specialized applications and complex websites for the local market. We use our deep understanding of client-server architecture and software deployment to consult our customers and optimize web applications if needed. As with our software, we strive to deliver durable and stable applications, tailored to your needs.

Johannes Payr, 31 May 2012

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