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We at ITEG prefer to move on our own power, walking or cycling, even when away on buisness.

Distances to long to cylce are covered eco-friendly too, on trains like RailJet from ÖBB or 's ICEs from DB.

Unlike legacy bicycles, folded bikes count as carry-on luggage on trains and all other forms of ground-based public transport.

Therefore folding bikes allow us to adhere to our favourite means of transport, and we have a little ...

Fleet of Brompton folding bikes

Fleet Gallery

The gallery below shows a few of our Bromptons' many journeys.

Brompton 3 freshly labelled - and stolen within days ;-(

Our 3rd Brompton was put on the road before the main lights arrived, therefore it used backup lights for the trip to it's home town London ...

... but was stolen from the corner outside a bar & comedy club late on 25th of June 2019:

Brompton 2 beeing stolen in Bonn ;-(

In Bonn behind Motel One, before & after ...


Brompton 2 travelling in 2018

In Vienna, when early summer weather in April caled for some ice cream:

In Leuven:

Steinach am Brenner, BBT SE Tunnelwelten:

Brompton 2 obtained in 2018

Our 2nd brompton was ITEGized right away:

Brompton 1 travelling throughout 2017

Cycling makes hungry, fortunately RailJet bord bistros have a folding bike parking spot:

In Salzburg, suffering from Saltburger Schnürlregen, the type of rain that's actually been named after that town (in German,  that is):

At station in Innsbruck's Hötting district, towards the Karwendel mountains and it's Martinswand (Martin Wall):

At Innsbruck's main railway station, showing the Nordkette (North Chain) part of the Karwendel mountains.

Departing from Innsbruck for Bonn, and in Bonn for FedCon 26:


At Völs station:

Brompton 1 on local away missions

In front of slightly mistreated company car and a Dacia workshop in Rum in 2017:

At Innrain in 2016, saving a plaque celebrating 25 years anniversary of Bohemian Rapsody:

At Völs in 2015:

Brompton 1 obtained in 2015

Brompton 1 obatained from BikeBox in Hall in Tirol in 2015:

Christoph Lechleitner, 26 Jun 2019

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