Dam Information System for Illwerke AG of Vorarlberg

Development of the TIS Dam Information System of Vorarlberger Illwerke AG was started in 2010 by ev-i Informationstechnologie GmbH and KISTERS AG. This was the stepping stone for the ongoing cooperation between KISTERS and ITEG, and the starting point for the development of our visualization product TISGraph. The project was successfully completed in 2011.

TIS utilizes the constant stream of structural measurment data from sensors embedded in the dams in combination with models derived from statistical analysis of historical data to predict the deformation of the dam structure depending on factors like the outside temperature and water storage level. In the course of this project, a number of new deformation models where developed for the large dams of Illwerke AG.

We also implemented a software service for transferring the resulting threshold values to the Illwerke Control Center (ICC). As the threshold values represent data viewed as critical to plant security, the transmission and storage of these values takes place within a physically seperated control network. Due to the security constraints, the transfer service has to guarantee high availability and provide extensive monitoring facilities.

We achieved these goals by setting up the following software components:

  • highly available deployment of Kisters' TSM-Server
  • Kisters Import-Server KiDbUtil
  • Oracle Transfer-Database FWDB
  • prediction web application and a server side scheduler for threshold values 
  • Surveillance of all participating system with NagIOS


Johannes Payr, 01 Jun 2012

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