Software for Mobile Enforcement Vehicles for Electronic Truck Tolling in Germany

Since 2002 Christoph Lechleitner (formerly IBCL) and Wolfgang Glas (formerly ev-i) develop and maintain the software for the 250 control vehicles of the german electronic truck tolling enforcement unit (MOKON) as subcontractors of EFKON AG, Graz.

This project initialized the long-standing partnership which finally amounted in the founding of ITEG IT-Engineers GmbH in July 2011.

The MOKON software package is comprised of a central GUI application which asynchrounously interfaces several systems:

  • Thales mobile payment terminal
  • DSRC transceivers
  • Backoffice communication over GPRS/UMTS, encrypted with SmartCards
  • TLS encrypted connection to external control systems over WLAN

In the course of this project we mastered the challenge to fulfill the high demands of both the infrastructure industry and the strict security regulations of the state authorities.

Johannes Payr, 04 Jun 2012

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