Open Source

Our reliance on Open Source software makes our applications maintainable for many years.

ITEG is an active member of the Open Source community. We develop and maintain many Open Source libraries and make them available on the platform.

We are proud of contributions to several well-known projects, notably including the Apache Software Foundation, the OpenSC Smart Card Projekt, squid and emacs.

We build our products using Free/Open Source modules where possible, and keep only customer-specific adaptations proprietary. This strategy holds advantages for us and our customers:

  • There is no dependency on single vendors. We can fix bugs and extend functionality in third-party modules immediately without depending on strategic decisions of other corporations.
  • Reusing modules in multiple different projects saves us time and money while raising the quality of the applications. Wide use of a module is the best quality test.
  • We only use Open Source licenses with no restrictions to dependant usage, so we can keep customer specifc parts closed and protected.
  • The fast release cycles of Open Source projects let us pick up new technologies earlier and adapt faster. 
  • Through Modularization we can add new features without endangering the stability of the whole system.

Johannes Payr, 31 May 2012

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