Stress Assessment Module Siemens

As part of a contract with Siemens AG Germany we implemented several extension modules for the existing software package "FatAss", a toolset for fatigue assessment of steel and aluminum components.

The extension modules implement German state-of-the-art fatigue norms DVS 1608 and DVS 1612 complemented by a comprehensive test suite of both unit tests and real world examples.

The project also included the development of geometry and stress interface modules for the commercial FEM programs Ansys, Abaqus und HyperWorks. Compared to the possibilities of standard FEM programs the delivered solution offers the following key benefits:

  • Implementation of state-of-the-art norms in the field of interest
  • Assessment of stress results from several commercial FEM solvers in a central backend
  • Reduced processing time from design to fatigue assessment
  • Faster feedback cycle in the design process

The software modules are currently deployed at 3 Siemens sites in the divisions Railway Bogies and Light Trains.

Johannes Payr, 04 Jun 2012

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