Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Lechleitner

Managing Director
+43 676 3674710

Conradstra├če 5
6020 Innsbruck

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In 1998 Christoph Lechleitner finished his master study of computer science at the JKU (Johannes Kepler University) in Linz.

Concurrently he began to work as a systems engineer for one of the largest regional banks in Austria (Raiffeissen Rechenzenturm Tirol).
In 1999 he went back to the univerity as part of a research team developing a WAP application framework.

1997 Christoph started a successful business as internet service provider and software developer, giving him almost two decades of experience in the operation of internet servers and the development and maintenance of internet services.

Since 2002 he is involved in the implementation of the software stack used in the mobile enforcement units of Germany's electronic truck tolling system.

Christoph also is the author of several open source programs and a contributor to other well known open source projects (squid, Debian kernel).

In 2010 Christoph got LPIC-1 certified (LPI-ID LPI000198919, verification code mz89j5tylx). He also is a long-term member of OCG.



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Christoph Lechleitner, Diplomarbeit: Der Einsatz von aktiven objektorientierten Datenbanksystemen für offene Hypermediasysteme
(English: The usage of object orientated databases for open hypermedia systems),
Master thesis at Johannes-Kepler University Linz, 1998,
see entry in publication database of JKU

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see entry in publication database of JKU

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see entry in publication database of JKU

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